Board Accountability

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Allen Smith on the Issues - Board Accountability


To be effective representatives for our community, our board members need to focus on the job at hand and put personal politics, affairs, and aspirations aside. Recent months have shown a CMS board divided on racial lines and ensnared in dissension over personal differences. I am committed to working with the entire board to find common ground on issues and will take meaningful action to strike a balance that represents the greater good for CMS.


Transparency fuels accountability by removing the bureaucratic curtains representatives hide behind when they need to make expedient decisions that benefit their own interests. I am proposing a three-part transparency strategy that I call Open Intent:

  1. We need to expand the amount of information freely available to the public.
  2. All board decisions should include clear, unambiguous statements outlining their intent.
  3. CMS representatives should act as the nozzle on the firehose, bringing focus to important information and amplifying its reach to ensure constituents are informed and capable of engaging in the process.


The future has arrived, and CMS faces many challenging decisions. It is imperative that the board not allow disagreements about how to reach our goals prevent us from moving forward at all. I believe in taking an iterative approach to change, where many focused pushes accumulate to move the obstacles we face. This minimizes risks to students and staff by preventing the jarring shifts that displace and disengage. It also allows us to measure progress more efficiently and gives us the flexibility to make strategic adjustments with minimal overhead.

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